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Female Leaders & What makes a good Leader?

In this edition of The WEB Digest, we shine a light on female leaders and explore what makes a good leader. Lien Nguyen shares her learnings as she continues to inspire the next team of leaders at WEB. Adrienna Lim reveals the key attributes a leader must possess. For the leaders of tomorrow, we hope you find this issue to be particularly interesting and insightful!

Thank you, to our Vice President, Lien Nguyen and Events director, Adrienna Lim.

Business Presentation
Young Businesswoman


Let's Discuss Soft Skills & Hard Skills

What are soft skills and are they just as important for employability as hard skills? In this edition of the WEB Digest, we unpack some examples and share how university students can develop soft skills such as collaboration and problem-solving. We also look into how your soft skills and hard skills must come together to ensure you achieve long-term success in your career.

Thank you to our Events directors Alessandra D'Urso and Izabella Lloyd-White for sharing such valuable insights!

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