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Established in 2016, Macquarie University’s Women Entering Business (WEB) society strives to create a network of connections for high achieving and ambitious women, preparing them to become the transformative business leaders of tomorrow.


Through the facilitation of both professional development and social events, WEB presents students with numerous opportunities to connect with professional networks and like-minded students in order to achieve their career goals.


By providing a wealth of relatedness and experience, WEB hopes to develop an environment that fosters the growth, success and passion of students.


Read our  various publications for updates, latest events happening in each department, and much more. 


See what exciting events we are holding for our members in the upcoming weeks.


Explore and find out more about the opportunities we and our sponsors have available for you.

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What happens when five high achieving female university students realise there is no society for women entering business on their campus?
They create one.



Do you like the sound of what we do? Join us if you share similar values and goals as we do. We invite Macquarie University Students to sign up as a member so that we can connect you with other like-minded people.

Join us now to see what it is like being part of this supportive society of high achieving women!

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