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Meet & Greet with Gresham

On Monday 26th July, we held our first event of Semester 2, 2021. This event was partnered with one of our sponsors, Gresham.

We'd like to thank everyone who joined us for this event. The Q&A and networking session provided details into the lives and work of investment banking analysts.

Also a big thank you to the Gresham Analysts who made up our panel, Tom Box, Bill Chan, and Gayathri Shankar, your insights and anecdotes were invaluable to other keen finance students.

We enjoyed learning about the opportunities and interning process at Gresham, as well as hearing about all your tips and advice for making it in investment banking. During the networking portion, our panelists answered questions about pathways to get into finance and banking, their future plans for upskilling, and how to prepare for a summer internship at Gresham.

Meet & Greet with Gresham
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