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Networking Workshop with CA ANZ and FTI

WEB hopes you enjoyed our 'Networking Workshop with CA ANZ and FTI Consulting' on Wednesday the 10th of August! Hosted alongside Accounting Students Association (ASA), this event provided attendees with the opportunity to network with industry professionals and build their networking skills.

One key networking tip from the Q&A segment of this event was the need to be genuine and authentic. Although preparation is important, expert networkers remember that the key to successful communication is connecting with others, capturing attention and finding common ground.

We extend our appreciation and thanks to our sponsors CA ANZ and FTI Consulting for their time and effort in carrying out such an impactful event. Special thanks to our CA ANZ (Samwise Wheeler, Michael Chu, Maddy Parbery and Nadeen Hakim) and FTI Consulting (Catherine Jaques, Natalia Rubio and Jason Cheung) representatives for your insights!

Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming events and future networking opportunities! If you have not already, make sure to register for: 'An Evening with RSM' Thursday the 25th of August.

See you then!

Networking Workshop with CA ANZ and FTI
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