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Membership Benefits

As a WEB Member, you will be joining our mailing list and experience such benefits including:

  • Free or discounted entry to our events throughout the year

  • Access to our end of year Graduate and Career Guide

  • Priority entry to our events

  • Receive fortnightly newsletters and updates on current industry trends curated by our team

  • Have the opportunity to meet other like-minded and high achieving students and many more!



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1. Sign Up

Fill out the registration form that is provided for you at the O-week stall. You can also fill out the form using the links provided on this page. 

2. Payment

Upon paying the membership fee of $5.00 (via cash or card) at the O-week stall, you will receive your official membership card. This card will contain all our contact details and a signature box.

3. Attend

Each event you attend earns you a stamp. You are eligible for an official certification if you attend three such events, of which at least one should be professional.


The following combinations are accepted; 

  • 1 professional & 2 social 

  • 2 professional & 1 social 

  • 3 professional 

4. Certify

Once attendance requirements have been met, reach out to a WEB representative at: to obtain your certificate. 

You can use this certificate in your resume or portfolio to demonstrate your development of professional skills and active attendance to WEB events 



MQ Student

I attended the Inter-varsity Tech Literacy Series, Workshop 2, in collaboration with Salesforce. The event was really insightful as I was able to gain a better understanding of Salesforce, and the things you can do it with it. 

The events hosted by Women Entering Events are very helpful, specifically the Careers Workshop. I was able to use the tips they gave to improve both my Linkedin profile and resume to help me to get the opportunities that I want. 100% would recommend this society to my friends!

I came across one of their events on FB, which was the Excel Masterclass. Decided to attend and it was one of the best events I've been to. I found Prashan's interactive Excel Masterclass to be super informative and has helped me improve my current excel skills.


MQ Student


MQ Student

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