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Membership Benefits

As a WEB Member, you will be joining our mailing list and experience such benefits including:

  • Free or discounted entry to our events throughout the year

  • Access to our end of year Graduate and Career Guide

  • Priority entry to our events

  • Receive fortnightly newsletters and updates on current industry trends curated by our team

  • Have the opportunity to meet other like-minded and high achieving students and many more!



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1. Sign Up

Fill out the registration form that is provided for you at the O-week stall. You can also fill out the form using the links provided on this page. 

2. Payment

Upon paying the membership fee of $5.00 (via cash or card) at the O-week stall, you will receive your official membership card. This card will contain all our contact details and a signature box.

3. Attend

Each event you attend earns you a stamp. You are eligible for an official certification if you attend three such events, of which at least one should be professional.


The following combinations are accepted; 

  • 1 professional & 2 social 

  • 2 professional & 1 social 

  • 3 professional 

4. Certify

Once attendance requirements have been met, reach out to a WEB representative at: to obtain your certificate. 

You can use this certificate in your resume or portfolio to demonstrate your development of professional skills and active attendance to WEB events 


Loyalty Program

Join today and enjoy personalized perks, exclusive rewards, and priviliges, all designed to enhance your experience and show our appreciation for your continued loyalty. In order to gain these perks and rewards, follow the following steps: 1. Sign up to become a member 2. Attend our WEB hosted events (Social events are 1 point - only 1 social event will be counted-, Professional events are 1 point, and Flagship events are 2 points) 3. Achieve 7 Points in total for a semester And don't fret, our WEB team will be happy to keep track of these points for you and let you know when you're eligible for a prize :)

Buddy Program

Meet new people and develop your leadership skills with our exclusive Buddy Program! Join now and discover the joy of connecting with like-minded individuals who share your interests and goals. Whether you're seeking professional support, inspiration, or simply a friend, our program offers a trusted network of buddies ready to embark on meaningful adventures together. This program is held on a semester-by-semester basis, so register your interest now by clicking on the button below!



MQ Student

I attended the Inter-varsity Tech Literacy Series, Workshop 2, in collaboration with Salesforce. The event was really insightful as I was able to gain a better understanding of Salesforce, and the things you can do it with it. 

The events hosted by Women Entering Events are very helpful, specifically the Careers Workshop. I was able to use the tips they gave to improve both my Linkedin profile and resume to help me to get the opportunities that I want. 100% would recommend this society to my friends!

I came across one of their events on FB, which was the Excel Masterclass. Decided to attend and it was one of the best events I've been to. I found Prashan's interactive Excel Masterclass to be super informative and has helped me improve my current excel skills.


MQ Student


MQ Student

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