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An Evening with RSM

On Thursday the 25th of August, WEB and RSM came together for 'An Evening With RSM'. This event allowed attendees to learn about RSM, gain insight into current career opportunities and network with RSM representatives.

This event provided valuable insight into how RSM operates and delved into the positive culture of the company.

The Q&A involved RSM representatives imparting beneficial knowledge gained from their own experiences of being in the corporate world. Some of the key takeaways were to hone skills such as writing professionally, learning email etiquette, and being resilient and unafraid to make mistakes in your career.

The evening concluded with open networking where attendees could ask questions and build connections with the RSM representatives.

WEB thanks RSM for taking the time to provide important information to all our attendees that will be advantageous when entering the business world.

Keep an eye out for other events that WEB is organising this semester. These events will equip you with the knowledge and confidence to help you succeed in your career and empower you to take on challenges!

An Evening with RSM
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