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Discovering Your Career Path With Deloitte - A Graduate and Internship Panel

WEB and Deloitte's recent panel event, Discovering Your Career Path With Deloitte was a great success! Thank you to those who attended our Zoom event, we hope you found it to be insightful and a fantastic opportunity to speak with the Deloitte graduates and Talent Acquisition Consultants.

A big thank you to our panelists, Bridget Kay, Larissa Steele, Amita Rao, Tessa Skinner and Karen Cavil Rego for sharing their experiences as Deloitte graduates. Each panelist, with their varied backgrounds, from areas such as Tax and Legal to Consulting Strategy Growth and Transformation, provided thoughtful takeaways for the students who attended.

When asked why they chose Deloitte as the organisation to work at, all our panelists agreed that the culture was something that stands out. Deloitte fosters an environment which has a history for being inclusive and values their clients and employees.

Attendees learned more about the application process at Deloitte and gained some great advice from our panelists. Bridget outlined the main steps which are online tests, group case studies and partner interviews. Karen spoke about her experience applying for the vacationer program. She highlighted a common question applicants are asked is why you have applied for your area or team of choice. Additionally, Karen's advice was to be yourself through the interview process and to reflect on your experiences when answering situational questions.

Amita reflected on the best thing about working at Deloitte and cited two things, the support and level of counseling new recruits are given and the array of extracurricular and volunteering opportunities available. Amita advised attendees that it is integral to pursue things outside of your professional life so you can bring your best self to work.

When asked about the challenges of their roles, Larissa spoke about the fast pace of her work and that there are always new projects and clients to be working on. Tessa echoed this and reassured students that whilst a lot of it can seem challenging at first, you just have to have a go.

Finally, Samara Dunn, a Graduate Talent Acquisition Consultant at Deloitte, shared the top three characteristics needed in a successful applicant. These are someone with refined organisational skills, a strong team player, and someone who is proactive and takes initiative.

Discovering Your Career Path With Deloitte - A Graduate and Internship Panel
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