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In-House Law Panel: The Power of Passion

This year, WEB will be delving deep into the importance of finding purpose in your legal career journey to find longstanding success. We believe that searching for personal fulfilment in one’s career is a key driver to unlocking your true potential and making a greater contribution to society.

Over the last seven years, WEB has created a multitude of opportunities for women to enhance their skills and establish exceptional careers in business. We have placed a strong emphasis on helping redirect our members to their areas of passion and finding a career that will offer them fulfilment and satisfaction. As such, WEB continually aims to navigate the complexities of the workforce whilst also considering other vital factors such as purpose, impact and meaning in your career.

We will have four in-house lawyers joining us from a range of areas who will share their insights and experiences about finding purpose in their careers through a panel and Q&A. Following this, attendees will have the opportunity to network and directly engage with the speakers.

We are excited for you to join us on this special night to discuss the importance of finding fulfilment in your legal career and making an everlasting impact on society. Whilst it is never too late to turn to a life of significance, it is better to have lived one all along.

- Maiko Sentina: Senior Legal Counsel (Intellectual Property) at Canva
- Saba Goudarzi: Legal Counsel at Lendlease
- Sandra Selim: Legal Counsel at EY
- Candy Welsh: Legal Counsel at L'Oréal

In-House Law Panel: The Power of Passion
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