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Resume Building & Interview Skills Workshop with EY

During this unprecedented period, providing career tips and support to students who aim to take the next step in their career is something WEB aims to achieve. We had the pleasure of gaining insights into developing our interview strategy and resume tips for the job application process with Brandon Nguyen and Sam Southgate from the EY Recruitment team. From them, we learnt that what makes a student go from a prospective candidate to a successful employee. One key aspect is studying a company to assess the two-way value that can be provided and finding a cultural fit. Also, having specific answers to why you are the ideal candidate for the role is equally important.

EY looks for a team player who is a strong communicator, adaptable, analytical, numbers-savvy and adopts a global mindset. In practice that means highlighting relevant and recent examples applicable to the role you have applied for, creating a chronological snapshot of your career experience and having a guiding purpose. This involves understanding interview questions and responding by showcasing your personality, story and motivation to succeed.

Brandon and Sam are advocates of the STAR technique, which demonstrates your skillset by providing a clear structure for answering questions. When it comes to presenting yourself, the key recommendations are to have a clear backdrop with good lighting, wearing business attire and using professional language to communicate. We hope that our attendees found the event as insightful as we did, and we are proud to have worked alongside EY as a sponsor for this event.

Resume Building & Interview Skills Workshop with EY
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