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The Wolf of Upstreet

From the efforts of Macquarie's top six business societies, Wolf of Upstreet was an informative event which provided insights on management consulting, growth marketing, and product development. The panel consisted of a mixture of the executive team and interns from Upstreet, which is a platform that allows you to earn fractions of shares as a reward when you shop from over 200 brands.

CEO Christian Ecklelman and COO Sabine Tejerina, who both have experience working in management consultancy with renowned companies, shared insights from their personal careers and what a day at Upstreet looks like. Head of Growth, Rob Delijani, and Head of Product, Ravi Kesariraman, also talked about how marketing has been changing over the years and the importance of team collaboration to create better products. Overall, this incredible event allowed participants from all disciplines to understand more about the evolving fintech industry and what qualities Upstreet is looking for in their next intern.

Make sure you check out our future events to continue to gain in-depth insights and find opportunities that lead you to your dream career!

The Wolf of Upstreet
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