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Unbox Your Thoughts with FTI Consulting

Women Entering Business (WEB) would like to thank all those who attended our event ‘Unbox your thoughts with FTI Consulting’ on 17th March 2022.
WEB would like to extend our sincere thanks to Elisabeth Besselse, Carla Liedtke, Thomas Vuckovic, and Natalia Rubio from FTI for sharing their valuable time and knowledge with Macquarie students wanting to pursue consulting after graduation.
💡Key takeaways for students wanting to work in management consulting:
▪️A career in consulting is diverse - high intensity at times but flexible in many ways.
▪️As a consultant, it is possible to balance work and personal life.
▪️Mental health and wellness is prioritised through incentives such as access to psychologists and fitness subsidies for mental wellness apps in many firms like FTI.
▪️Employees' stressors are taken seriously, and acted upon to remove barriers that are holding them back from achieving their full potential.
🔔Keep an eye out on all our socials for new events and opportunities like this coming soon!

Unbox Your Thoughts with FTI Consulting
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