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Gain the Edge with Gresham

A huge thank you to all the participants of our first event of the year, Gain the Edge with Gresham!

Ben Sloman, Executive Director at Gresham, started this info session with a deep dive into the company's history, vision and overall goals. He went into further depth into the internship opportunities offered. Regarding this, Ben particularly highlighted that Gresham looks for individuals that are team-focused and strive for improvement.

The audience gained further understanding into our guests' experiences through a Q&A session with Associate Director Meagan White, and Executive James Hewat.

We would like to thank our special guests for giving up their time to share their insights and knowledge!

WEB also highly appreciates the feedback of our members! If you attended, please fill out this form to help us improve our future events:

WEB is determined to constantly create more valuable events for our members. We look forward to seeing you at future events!

Gain the Edge with Gresham
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