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Harmony Day with Pinnacle

Women Entering Business (WEB) would like to thank everyone that attended our recent Harmony Day event with Pinnacle!

WEB would like to extend our thanks to the Pinnacle representatives and speakers for sharing their insights and experiences across various careers.

The diverse panelists gave incredibly unique insights including the importance of venturing out of your comfort zone and exposing yourself to international opportunities and networks. In addition, seeking out professional role models and mentors, and utilising network opportunities that are given to you throughout your studies and career. Above all else, the importance of diversity within teams was emphasized as the main catalyser of innovation. Panelists shared their experiences of navigating corporate landscapes as minority group members and the respective obstacles that had to be overcome. Guests were reminded of the importance of championing inclusivity and diversity and venturing outside comfort zones to broaden perspectives.

This was an amazing opportunity to network with outstanding industry leaders and be mentored by their great expertise.

💫We hope to see you at our future events! 💫

Harmony Day with Pinnacle
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