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Mock Assessment Centre with BDO

WEB and BDO’s recent Mock Assessment Centre event was part of our 'Elevating Your Professional Self' series and was incredibly insightful! Thank you to each of you who attended this online event. We hope that by participating, you feel confident about the assessment centre process and are ready to put your best foot forward and ace your next application, whether it be for an internship or grad role!

We also thank the BDO representatives Amishree Raivadera, Emily Zaboyak, Cara Borg, Kristina Bugarski, Tina Cheung and Stephanie Graham for taking time out of their busy schedules to impart their wisdom on to students.

BDO is a trusted adviser to clients seeking Audit, Tax and Advisory services. As one of the world’s leading Audit and Accounting organisations, they have clients of all types and sizes from large corporate organisations to private businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals across an array of industry sectors.

A mock assessment centre is a practical assessment center session designed for students to practice and engage in a simulated group activity. For those who came along to the event, they gained firsthand experience in commonly assessed tasks and learned valuable tips on what assessors look for. BDO’s presentation outlined the components of a candidate's application, which includes an individual assessment task, group assessment task and interview. The presentation further discussed what employers are looking for in a candidate and common development areas. Students were able to engage in a practical mock assessment centre in small groups and receive feedback from the BDO representatives. The two rounds of networking that followed allowed attendees to connect and engage with BDO representatives and ask a range of questions about the application process and the professional journey of the representative they were speaking to.

WEB is determined to constantly create more valuable events for our members. We look forward to seeing you at future events!

Mock Assessment Centre with BDO
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